Beat the Unbeatable!

Ever been hooked in the game called billiard? Have ever been amazed of the people who can do the impossible upon the green table? Maybe you are one of those people who have been asked the questions like these. It is not a secret that playing billiard requires mind strength. This game is a table and ball puzzle. The rules of the tournament as always are beating the unbeatable. If you know you can do what these people can do, then better to place your own hands on the stick and shoot the ball to the pocket. The table has six pockets where the players have to shoot the cue balls. If you are playing a certain category, then better yet check what the rules on every category are. Being lost with the rules can disqualify a player in the game. The game has its own magic to the mass. It is being played in every street so, there is no moment or no way for you to be left out.

The tournament required such numbers of experience to be able to go into the game. Being on the lead of the certain track can let you in for the tournament. The drawing of what it should in your head doesn’t mean it will be in the real game. It is about being able finishing the game by putting the entire ball into the table’s pocket. If your contender gets the chance to put the last ball on the pocket, then that player wins. It is not about the time, or how long you would be able to put the cue ball inside the pocket. It is how good you are dealing with balls and its measurement. Many billiards idols nowadays drew many eyebrows up because of how expert they manipulate the ball. The technique they have on it is not easy to learn. It is upon how good you practice the game.

Beating the unbeatable is not hard to do if you are really good at playing it. Practice makes perfect and can give you assistance on many table situations. There are many billiard clinics that are being put up by pro because they want to share what they have already been learned. The future of players in billiards is long enough to evolve and gradually will put much enthusiastic people on the line. Billiard is not one of the hidden treasures in sports. Billiard is one enthusiastic game that many people love to play. To be the best, everybody needed more discipline and practice. Every professional endures many days of hard work before they reach the very spot of the list for being the best. Sudden failures are also one way to teach you to be more effective on following and pursuing what you really want to have. Who would have known? Maybe one day, you could be the one on the stage and holding the trophy and be in the magazines for winning the Guinness 9 ball tournament or be the world billiard champion.

The Tale of the Ball on the Table

There’s no denial upon how popular billiard is. Everybody hits the cue ball on the table just to win the game. Strategy and keen eyes are what the players need in here. A very good problem solving on the table while making it impossible from the other player to shoot the right ball on the pocket is what the players need to do. It is not how strong or how lousy your shots can be, but how you are sharp on thinking. The players should have such good mind and thinking while in the game. When the worries and nervousness came in then the stick might hit the cue ball shaking. The way of playing the game is not as hard but can be easy for some. The rules of the games vary from different type of the billiard being played. Maybe people think about, whom and how the game was invented after all? There, even the historian can’t really give people the right answer.

The history of this cue game is literally not modified. Even though the name billiard came from a French word, it doesn’t show any evidence of playing the same game on the era. The billiard game on that said era was played as one of the outdoor games. In the time of King Louis XI, he showed some fair evidence of the game but still drawn some debate among the historian. The actual game was been able to succeed as an indoor game at the 1500. It is said that the aristocrat or the high socialite persons enjoyed playing and so as the commoners in France. After hundred years, a new version of the billiard table came in the scene; it is the table that is being used for the tournament these days. The real numbers of audience around the world for this game came growing in the 1850. The billiard table, cue balls and the stick evolved in many different ways. Nowadays, there are plastics and wooden table that are being used.

The history of this game is still unknown and unclear even from the professionals. The phrases from the rules or from the history that was given can’t answer every question that is being asked. As for now, the game gain many avid audiences and players around the world. Many tournaments are being held every year and done several times a year the example of this is the Guinness, 9 ball championship and the World 9 ball tournament. Many classified and known champion billiard players are come to unite and played against each other to win the competition. The certainty is not really in the hands of the player but within the roll of the ball and how it will help them in. Accuracy and center finding of the ball in the table are still a puzzle yet to solve for the players. If the players are in good luck, then they are the cue balls friend and really lucky enough. In this game, there is no assurance of full time fame.

Get into the Game

Not all the people are natural players. The players itself have some discipline to do their job in the game. Being a player is not that easy. It is because even though they have the talent, they still need a keen disciplinarian to help them grow as a player. The final judgment can be done in the real time game; still what you have to learn is what you have to show. Billiard is not hard, but is not easy to play. Many times, you can have the stick slip in your hand and balls to be hit will not be hit, and that’s a fact, not a tale. Being a new player is quite embarrassing at times because we may fail to show what our trainer or our teachers wanted to see from us. What matters most is that we never let it pull us down from pursuing the game. In a later part, we will learn it and play it as pro shown us.

The term about learning is not quitting and not being too stubborn to follow direction. Players of the Guinness 9 ball tournament surely shares what they have gone through before they became what they are. They have the drills to finish and guidelines to memorize for their benefits. If you are going to ask them, they will tell you the story how discipline they are to have to reach the level of the pro. When a pro already reaches the level, sometimes they are hard to handle by the managers and somehow, they end up being in the last of the list. A continued surviving strategy to stay on the game is being the best in and out the billiard room. The influence of billiard players around the world became very visible, and so they have to be more careful to the attitude, they show to their audiences. Hooked audiences get to easily attach to players and be feeling one of them or somehow act like them.

The teachers and the mentors of the players are quite hesitating sometimes to the ability that their students may show. Somehow, they never quit repeating the terms of their service as mentors and teachers. There are no players started on the high rank. Everybody started on the back of the pro. They became the inspiration and then became the unaware teachers of the new comers. The history of every legend came from the scrap and then became the hero themselves. The full view of what you can do is upon the beliefs you are holding into. The believers, even they know they are new to the game; they still strive to make it to the top no matter what. The turn of events is what the player’s needs every time. After the shoots that have been done, it is not in the player’s hand if they win because the ball will declare, and your mind will play. Discipline is what you always need to carry when you are standing on the side of the table when you are about to play.

Types of Online Poker

In both land based casinos and online casinos there are plenty of different types of poker available for you to play. The poker machines vary in theme, structure, stakes, and payout and this is why it takes a long time before getting bored of playing the poker machines. With so much variety, there are many options for you to try out new things while playing to switch things up a little bit.

* The most common type of machine is the standard poker machine which is the basic three reel poker machine with one pay line only. These machines are the easiest to learn to play because there is only one pay line and there is nothing else to the game. The objective is to spin a winning line in the only pay line available. These type of machines are very popular in land based casinos, but aren’t as popular in online casinos due to better options out there which are more entertaining.

* Multi-line poker machines are very fun, but they become more confusing than standard poker because of multiple pay lines. You’ll need to learn what pay lines there are on the poker machine and then you need to decide how many pay lines you want to play each spin. Typically you should play all of the pay lines every spin because it gives you more chances at winning money or at least breaking even on the spin.

* Five reel poker are close to standard poker machines as well except there are five reels and multiple pay lines. With five reels the chances of winning become more difficult, but the payouts also become bigger on winning spins. Generally you’ll find that these poker machines are much more fun then standard poker since the casinos spend more time on the five reel machines because they draw in more players.

* Most online casinos, such as full tilt, and land based casinos, such as The Mirage, have bonus poker machines which are very fun because not only do they payout the regular payment, but they also payout bonuses on certain winning spins. The types of bonuses vary depending on the machine you’re playing on, but for the most part the bonuses with be cash or items from the casino.

* The best machines to play are progressive jackpots and most online casinos have these available for players and they reach huge amounts of money. Some progressive jackpots can reach well into the seven figures! If you’re going to play poker then you should play progressive jackpots because it’s much more thrilling and rewarding. Winning a progressive jackpot isn’t going to be easy and the odds are very small, but there have been plenty of poker players who have already won a jackpot in the past which shows you that you have a chance.

There are plenty of different types of poker machines in casinos and you need to find out which ones are the best for you. Typically three reel poker are for new players and once you become comfortable playing other machines, then I wouldn’t play three reel poker much.

Calling All-in Bets from Short Stacks

Prudent decision-making is key to taking down sit and go tournaments. When you are in the big blind and have a short-stack all-in in front of you, playing tight aggressive poker is not going to help you. Either you call or you fold, as the all-in move has taken the “play” away. How do you decide which path to follow? How do you know whether to call or fold? By assessing your odds based on the quality of your hand against your opposition’s hand range, you can determine with some accuracy how your hand ranks against the all-in over the long haul.

Quality of Your Hand

If you have a great starting hand, the decision to call or fold is quite simple. If, however, your holdings are average, you must look at the odds. Many players fail to consider odds when deciding whether to call a short-stack all-in. They think, “He is all-in and must have a hand. My ten – nine is surely no good here.” While your 10-9 may be behind now, you also may be getting sufficient odds to make the call. Poker is a game of incomplete information. As a result, there is no way to determine your exact odds, however by examining your hand against a range of hands, you can determine whether to call or fold.

Opposition Hand Ranges

Late in the tournament, short stacked players will move in with a wide range of hands. They will move with premium hands, as well as suited aces, connectors, small pocket pairs, and even their favorite hands – (i.e. – 7-2).

Let us look at how some random hands fair against your 10-9 offsuit:

· A-K vs. 10-9 10-9 prevails 37% of the time

· 6-6 vs. 10-9 10-9 will go on to win 48% of the time

· As-6s vs. 10-9 10-9 will go on to win 42% of the time

· Any pair, any suited, any two high cards vs. 10-9 – 10-9 will go on to win 44% of the time

· A-9 vs. 10-9 10-9 wins only 33% of the time

You can conclude that the only time you are way behind on this hand is when you are in a domination situation – such as A-9 vs. 10-9. Otherwise, you are at or around coin toss territory. As a result, you are incorrect to a huge degree by folding when you are getting around 2 to 1 to call.

By thinking through your odds when calling short stack all-ins, you will dominate the sit and go scene. Use your favorite poker calculator to run scenarios. Learn what hands hold up against other hands. Refine your game so you may know optimally when to call all-in bets from short stacks.

Choosing the Right Tournament for your Bankroll

For most tournament poker players, a bankroll will not be built in a day. With cash rates in tournaments being low as a norm, a tournament poker player should ensure they are not playing over their heads when selecting poker tournaments. Just because the big tournament to play is the Sunday Millions does not mean you can afford to play it. You should consider your bankroll, in relation to the tournament’s buy-in before deciding whether or not that tournament is for you. By choosing your tournaments wisely, you can better build your bankroll while reducing the risk of going broke over the course of a few sessions.

Firstly, you must be certain that you are totally and completely comfortable playing at the level you are playing. Even if your bankroll is $10,000, you might not be comfortable putting $200 at risk in one tournament. If that is you, then find a lesser buy-in. Unless you are very comfortable at the buy-in level, you will not play optimally. You will find yourself folding hands you should stay with and making plays based on emotion, which lead to disaster.

Secondly, be sure that your bankroll contains at least 100 buy-ins at the level you are playing – on average. I say on average, because there is nothing wrong with taking an occasional shot down the field. However, do not overdo it. If your bankroll is $1000, then you should be playing tournaments that are near the $10 range more often than not. Again, that is not to say that you cannot enter the Millions on Sunday. However, make sure you are playing $10 tournaments as the rule, not the exception. Otherwise, you will fall victim to the negative end of variance and go real broke very quick.

Finally, as your poker bankroll grows or shrinks, adjust the limits you are playing. If your bankroll drops down to $500, then move down and focus on $5 tournaments. On the other hand, should your bankroll grow to $2000, move up and begin playing $20 tournaments on average.

Playing poker at a level that is comfortable to both you and to your bankroll is key for having a long and profitable career as a tournament poker player. By sticking to games that are one one-hundredth of your bankroll, you will be certain to tough it out and you greatly reduce the risk of going broke all at once.

Crying Calls

A crying call is a call made on the river when we know we have very little chance of success or of winning the hand. We typically make a crying call when we are rather certain that our aces are cracked, or when we wrongfully slow played our set from the flop on with a vulnerable board and the weak tight player bets on the flushed river.

Most often, we make crying calls at Poker Star when we have misplayed a hand – whether it was playing a hand in such a manner that caused our opposition to correctly catch up, or outdraw us. We also tend to make crying calls on the river when we have missed our draws and pray that our ace high is good – justifying the call with some excuse such as “there was too much money in the pot to fold.”

Bad Crying Calls

In the big blind, with pocket aces you put in a sizable preflop raise, which is called by two players. The flop comes out King – Five – Seven in a rainbow. The small blind comes out and fires a pot size bet, which you raise – squeezing the middle player out of the hand. The turn delivers another King, which the small blind checks, and you check behind. The River is a blank. The small blind bets half the pot. From past observations, you put the small blind on a king – top pair in that hand. The turn gave him trips, which he checked to you. His stop and go bet on the river suggested strongly he was trying to extract some extra chips from you. Because you know the player, you need not waste your time making the call. You can just comfortably fold knowing with great certainty you are beat.

Good Crying Calls

Again, in the big blind, this time holding Ace Queen suited, the button – who is an aggressive player raises. You and two other players call. The board comes out with flush and straight possibilities. The preflop aggressor continues betting throughout the hand, giving the impression he is trying to bully his way into taking down the pot. You have the flush draw and a backdoor straight draw. The river seemingly helps no one. He over bets into you heads up. You think for some time, knowing this player is bluff capable, and has you on a flush draw, trying to take down the pot. Here is an appropriate time to make a big river call with ace high, as the board did not seem to help anyone, and there is a missed draw on the board as well.

While there is a time and place for crying calls, it is safely stated that one should not always be skeptical, nor should one always be afraid to make a big call on the river. Assessing the situation, understanding your opposition, and reconstructing the hand is key to determining whether to make the crying river call.

The Gap Concept at PokerStar

“Gap concept” refers to the idea that a player needs a better hand to call a raise than one needs to make a raise or open the pot themselves. Just like it is far easier to move all-in with jack ten suited than it is to call an all-in with jack ten suited, it is simpler to bet your hand than it is to call with it. The distance or gap between the raising hand on PokerStar and the calling hand is referred to as the gap. The tighter the raising player, the bigger the gap between that which you would normally raise with and those hands you can correctly and comfortably call a raise with.

As an example, action folds to you. You sit in mid-position with Ace Nine suited. Making a raise here is simple, and even standard. However, in the event you face a raise from an earlier position player, the way you value your suited ace changes.

The reason for this is due to the initial raise. When action folded to you, you felt as if your suited ace is the best hand. You are comfortable opening for a raise because no one has yet to enter the pot voluntarily. In the latter example, however, you feel as if your Ace Nine is not the best hand. The early raiser already showed interest in the pot, as well as strength by raising. As a result, you feel your hand is inferior to their holding, and as a result, you smartly fold.

Going back to the initial raise with A-9, we raise with that hand because the pot has not been opened and because our opposition falls into the category of the Gap Concept as well. They too must think about what they are holding, whether they are dominated, and whether or not they will have the best hand when flopping top pair.

When facing the raise, you should tighten your starting hand standards significantly, according to the Gap Concept. You fear your ace is dominated, and as a result, you choose not to play. When you hit your ace, you will be a costly second best. Playing a dominated hand can be extremely problematic, and this is why the “gap concept” was born. The gap concept can help save you from many of those. Remember, it is easier to make a raise than it is to call one.

Razz Poker Rules


Razz poker is a fairly unknown poker game to most poker players, but it has been becoming more popular throughout online poker rooms. Razz is very similar to playing seven card stud except for a few slight differences so if you know how to play seven card stud then you will be able to easily learn how to play Razz poker. To start a hand of Razz every player needs to put in an ante into the pot and then the cards will be dealt out.

The cards are dealt the same way in Razz as they are in seven card stud so if you don’t know how the cards are dealt then you need to make sure you learn how they are. There are a few differences in Razz poker though and they are as followed.

  • The player who has the highest valued up card on third street needs to make the come in bet.
  • After third street the lowest valued hand will be the first to act in the hand and if there is a tie then the player closet to the dealer in a clockwise rotation will go first.
  • Just like when you’re playing seven card stud when you play in Razz limit games you will use the low betting amount on the third and fourth street and then you will use the high betting amount for the remaining betting rounds in the hand.
  • When a player has a pair showing in their up cards the dealer will always announce when the pair hits unless it’s a pair of facecards as they aren’t announced.

The goal when you’re playing Razz is that you want to have the lowest possible five card poker hand which is the main difference between Razz and seven card stud. You also can’t use any pairs in order to make your low hand on PKRPoker and if you need to use a pair then anyone with five single cards would beat you. The best possible poker hand in Razz is 5-4-3-2-A. In Razz your hand is only as good as your fifth card so if you have an A-2-3-4-Q then you aren’t going to win because practically everyone will have a lower hand then Q high.

When you play Razz poker a lot of players don’t really understand the game so if you learn how you should play the game then you have a big advantage. The first thing you need to learn is how to choose good starting hands in Razz. Typically you should only play hands when your first three cards are under 8 without any pairs. If you have an A-2 and a high card then you could also consider playing the hand if you’re getting in for cheap.

Razz Poker is a very unique poker game and a welcome change from most poker games. Since you’re aiming to get the lowest hand possible it’s a lot different then other poker games and you will be able to use different strategies then you’re used too.